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Welcome to FV Services
Quality is not an act, it is a habit.Aristotle
FV Services provides Web Management Outsourcing (WMO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for local and overseas businesses. Having the advantage of high quality, low cost solutions and services, FV- Services provides essential business services to clients at lower rates without diminishing service quality. 

FV Services:  Our focus is to help small and medium size businesses provide their customers and employees vital services and solutions that caters to their needs.  FV Services provides a clear communication system designed to empower and supplement the work being done by your business.

We create and develop content based websites  and applications, offer live chat solutions and services, customer relationship management solutions, ticketing support for service failures or issues and much, much more.  Our services are designed to market and highlight the work you do.  We’ll improve the customer service and communications of your business by providing closed loop web based solutions and services.

Sure, someone else can do it, but no one will do it better than us.

Our customers are number #1. Integrity, passion, and commitment are at the heart of everything we do. We are experts at what we do and never miss an opportunity to learn and get better at what we do expertly. We believe no matter how small a part our customers or employees play, they are the piece of the puzzle that completes us, and if missing, we will search high and low to find you.

1. Establish Contact

  1. handPotential Customer fills out an inquire form
  2. phoneThe sales team calls or emails Customer

2. Requirement Analysis

  1. light bulbHigh level understanding of requirements
  2. calculatorBallpark estimate (where possible)
  3. Approval to go ahead
  4. cogsDetailed understanding of your requirements
  5. cog wheelExecute a pilot project (if required)

3. Pricing and Contracting

  1.  Cdollaronfirm pricing
  2. check BoxProposal where required
  3. notepadContracting & SLA sign-off

4. Project Initiation

  1. Arrow WheelResource deployment & Training
  2. Meeting TableProject kick-off meeting

5. Project Steady State

  1. Clickhand Project execution & management
  2. ChatOn-going reporting & feedback

ClipBoard1. Evaluation of Project feasibility

During this stage we do an analysis of the feasibility of outsourcing as well as FV Services business competency to handle the process. Regulatory and compliance issues are looked at and risk analysis conducted.


2. Process Mapping

A process mapping exercise is conducted to analyze the current process as it exists at the customer site. We gauge the relative importance of the process in the overall workflow. Our team evaluates:

⇒ Strategic importance of the process

⇒ Level of complexity of the process

⇒ Domain knowledge required for executing it

⇒ Impact of outsourcing on existing employees at the donor organization

⇒ Technology or system changes that may impact the process

               These steps help to further assess risks related to outsourcing the function and the do-ability of the project.

world thumb 3. Design the Outsourcing Solution

Once the above evaluations have been completed and the outcomes are favorable to going ahead with the project, FV Services designs an outsourcing solution in collaboration with the customer. The process work flow, volume analysis, costs and recurrent trends are taken into consideration while designing a solution. Our team makes sure that we leverage the best practices from previous changeover s and arrive at an optimized solution from both business and IT perspectives, which is discussed in detail with the customer for final implementation.

Shutter4. Planning the Process Changeover

After the contract has been signed and the solution designed, we get into the essentials of planning how the process changeover should take place. Giving enough thought on process changeover helps us to keep to project schedules and minimal downtime during the changeover period.

       Determining the operating model:

This involves finalizing all aspects such as the composition of a new team, reporting hierarchy, shift timing details, performance evaluation measures, timelines, escalation procedures in case of disputes or issues and communication and interaction protocols.

Designing the process workflow:

This involves detailing each step of the process as it is to occur at FV SERVICES development center. This ensures that the process changeover to our environment takes place with maximum attention to outcomes, turnaround times and optimization of people and resources.

widget5. Implementation of Enterprise Changeover Plan

The project is now rolled out for implementation. First-time projects require a lot of communication between FV Services and the customer location. The changeover manager’s role is very crucial at this stage and goes a long way to enhance mutual understanding and partnering between the customer and FV Services team.

The project manager co-ordinates between facilities, IT, infrastructure, technology, HR, legal, client teams and the offshore team to ensure that each is performing the tasks assigned to them.

magnify6. Performance and Quality Monitoring

At FV Services, we use the latest project measurement tools to track key project related metrics. Microsoft Project or Excel are used for tracking smaller sized projects and for more complex and high volume projects, our teams use Six Sigma, PMI and Remote Payment and Presentment Service (RPPS). Regular status-update meetings attended by both our managers and the customer help to fine-tune and drive the project forward.

phone ring7. Follow-up

Inputs from the customer

bar chart8. Process Improvements

 Our Quality teams are fed back into the process to provide closed loop feedback to allow for fine-tuning of  functions and to add value to the solution that we offer our customers.



Customer Relationship Management

Revolutionize the way your business manages customer and client relationships.


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The better way to understand your business the better way to support your customers. 



Turn support tickets into amazing customer experiences.

Human Resource Management

The services of an HR manager without having to employ a HR department!

Solutions and Services


Design Concepts, Updates, Additions, and Changes, Html  / Coding, Site Content and More….



Staffing, Performance Appraisal Systems, Compensation Structures and Wage Analysis, Employee Relations and More….

Live Chat

Online users tracking, Tablet and Mobile friendly, Operator To Operator chat, Speech to text and More…


CRM & Email Tracking, Sales Tracking, Customized Business Processes, Email Campaigns and More…


Ticket Filters, Assign and Transfer, Service Level Agreements, Help Topics and More…

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions that we are most frequently asked about WMO, BPO and ITO services.  Have a question or particular query that you don’t see or is not answered, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

What is your typical turnaround time? Are you able to handle quick jobs (same-day service for small projects)?

Our turnaround time is flexible and can always be adjusted as per your requirements. Yes, we have a 24/7 set-up and can definitely handle quick jobs within a turnaround time of 24 hours.

How do you handle the training, face-to-face or remote?

In case of simple projects, it can be done via Skype, e-mail, chat and/or phone. For more complicated projects, we can come to your site for getting trained or you may send one of your personnel for training our staff.

What accountability controls are in place to know that your people are working 100% on our behalf?

We can always fix up a required volume of work that one operator can do in a day. We will send you productivity reports on a weekly or daily basis as required.

I need to know how soon you can start on the project.

 We can start with the project immediately, but we will need some initial set up period to speed up the work 

Do you do sample/pilot/test run/trial work?

Yes, we do sample/test work. This will enable you to have a better idea about the quality of our work and at the same time enable us to understand the project better and give you a competitive quote.

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